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Graduway is the leading provider of alumni networking and career mentoring software.

Graduway is trusted by 1,000+ education institutions and non-profit organizations to engage their alumni and provide career guidance to their students. Clients include top institutions such as UCLA, Johns Hopkins and the University of Oxford.

Graduway was founded in 2013 by Dr. Marcel Cohen and his son Daniel Cohen, with the purpose of helping education institutions scale their alumni engagement and student career guidance.

The vision of the company is rooted in the belief that the alumni network is at the heart of improving philanthropy, employability and enrollment.

They understood that most institutions were failing to fully capitalize on this asset, primarily because they struggled to find a way to meaningfully engage them.

Graduway provides simple and easy to use alumni software to engage alumni and prepare students for their careers.

Graduway’s software empowers a valuable network for alumni, students and supporters of an institution to connect and engage with each other, and as a result bring them closer to the institution. This ‘give to get’ strategy of providing alumni with value first, before asking them to give back, has enabled its clients to broaden and deepen their alumni relationships and develop world-class mentoring programs.

Graduway is also recognized as a thought leader in alumni relations and career services:

  • Hosting five times per year, the largest alumni engagement and career mentoring conferences in the world – the Graduway Leaders Summit – with 2,200 alumni relations and career service leaders attending each year.
  • Sharing best practice in alumni relations and career services via its bi-monthly blog.
  • Publishing Books – ‘The Alumni Revolution’, ‘Alumni Therapy’ and ‘The Mentoring Revolution’, by Graduway CEO Daniel Cohen.

Today Graduway has 1,000+ clients and operates in more than 40 countries.


The two biggest strategic priorities. Engage alumni. Mentor students. alumni-quotes-bottom

Daniel Cohen <br>        CEO

Daniel Cohen

Dr. Marcel Cohen Chairman

Dr. Marcel Cohen Chairman

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company history


Company launched by Dr. Marcel Cohen and his son Daniel.

Closed first investment round for $1.1 million.


Signs 50th client.

Inaugural Graduway Leaders Summit held at University of Oxford.


Signs 100th client.

Inaugural Graduway Leaders Summit held at UCLA.

Awarded ‘Blackbaud Technology Partner of the Year’


Signs 200th client.

Graduway expands to its 40th country.

Graduway CEO Daniel Cohen publishes ‘The Alumni Revolution’


Signs 500th client.

Graduway Leaders Summit held three times at Oxford, Los Angeles and Boston.

Closed $2 million of growth investment.

Graduway CEO Daniel Cohen publishes ‘Alumni Therapy’


Signs 800th client.

Graduway Leaders Summit held six times at Melbourne, Hong Kong, Fort-Worth, Toronto, Boston and Oxford.

Closed $12.7 million of growth investment.

Acquired IntroMaps, CampusTap and VineUp.


Signed 1,000th client

Enters strategic partnership with EverTrue