Alumni Relations Budgets: We Can’t Afford It. Really?

Running an Alumni Association or Alumni Relations Department is all about making tough choices – where do you invest your limited resources to have the biggest impact?  In essence, your Alumni Relations budgets.

SaaS Capital Provides $2 Million in Growth Funding to Graduway

SaaS Funding Leader Backs Hyper-Growth International Ed-Tech Company

Alumni Relations Best Practices in 2020. Are You Ready?

I had the privilege of hearing an insightful panel discussion on the future of alumni relations best practices at the Graduway Global Leaders Summit, held at the Said Business School, Oxford University. The panel was chaired by Rob Curtis, Vice President of Graduway and focused on the biggest alumni trends and alumni relations best practices. 

Successful Alumni Relations Best Practices

A new year, a new chance for everyone working in the world of education to take their alumni interactions up a level or two and implement a successful alumni relations strategy. But where to start?

Insights From McKinsey’s Alumni Relations

I had the privilege of interviewing three weeks ago Sean Brown at the Graduway Global Leaders Summit, held at the Said Business School, Oxford University. During our talk “From the Boardroom to the Classroom” Sean shared a unique perspective based on over 10 years’ experience running leading corporate and academic alumni networks as a Mckinsey […]

Engaging Alumni Means You Can’t Be Afraid of Your Alumni

Let’s face it, most Alumni Relations Directors are a little afraid of their alumni and they certainly don’t want unhappy alumni. To some extent this is completely understandable. Unhappy alumni can be extremely vocal.

Don’t Waste the Chinese Alumni Opportunity

This blog will be discussing the changes in international alumni relations and the opportunity that the growing number of Chinese alumni represents.  The number of international students continues to grow each year. Yet for most schools, their approach to alumni relations has remained the same. It feels like education institutions do not give sufficient attention […]

The Case for Alumni Mentoring

In This blog i will be making the case for Alumni Mentoring.  The provision of mentors to students and alumni used to be a low priority for education institutions.

What if President Obama was your notable alumni?

A hypothetical question – what would your school do if it had a really famous notable alumni like President Obama?

The Alumni Engagement Matrix – How Do You Score?

This blog will be discussing the Alumni Engagement Matrix and how it can be applied to your institution. If you are being really honest, how would you score your institution’s level of on-line alumni engagement? More importantly, do you understand why you are achieving the alumni engagement levels that you are? Alongside being easy to […]

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