8 Reasons For Alumni Engagement

This blog will be focusing on why schools must be focused on alumni engagement and our top tips for doing so.  Once upon a time, there was a former student who approached the Dean of his old school for some advice on engagement. ‘’Nice to see you’’, said the Dean. ‘’If I am not mistaken, […]

Alumni Membership – Is It Time To Make Alumni Pay?

When it comes to students, education institutions seem to understand the principles of charging for a quality service. However when it comes to engaging alumni, they seem to lose their way when it comes to alumni membership.

Alumni Relations Best Practices: Disgruntled Alumni?

Unhappy customers are bad for business, every business. If Graduates are unhappy after college, that makes unhappy customers.

Engaging Alumni: Rethinking Alumni Relations for Seniors

This blog will discuss and analyse the changing priorities of Alumni Relations for Seniors.  The world of education is facing a number of demographic changes. I recently wrote about the growth of alumni from emerging markets such as China and the opportunity this presents to schools.

Alumni Networking: Why Alumni First Impressions Matter

Imagine you are an alum who logs into their school alumni networking platform for the very first time. Within milliseconds, the alum realizes that it is a dead alumni network. There is no alumni networking going on here.  A ghost-town. Clearly no one has visited the site for a long time and there seems to […]

5 Big Student Alumni Mentoring Mistakes

This blog will be discussing what in my opinion the 5 big student alumni mentoring mistakes that take place.  A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called The Case for Alumni Mentoring. There, I highlighted the latest research  by Gallup-Purdue University which showed that the key to students achieving long term success after college was having […]

Making the Case for Funding Alumni Relations

This blog will be making the case for alumni relations funding in higher education The education world is under pressure. Public funding is falling.  Tuition fees are rising.  Cost cutting is everywhere. Yet I hear consistently from Alumni Relations professionals of how they are under-resourced in terms of both headcount and budget.  In fact some would […]

How to Connect Emotionally with Alumni?

This blog will focus and discuss on the notion of engaging alumni emotionally and the effects that can have.  I hope the following simple pictorial story will resonate with you. They graduate…

Alumni Relations Best Practices: The Death of Email for Life

For me, ’email for life’ is a symbol of how an education institution can become irrelevant to their alumni community.

What Is Your Picture of Alumni Engagement?

When it comes to alumni engagement, we often get lost in the detail.  To be more precise, we often get lost in the alumni engagement metrics. There is the big question about what to measure that will capture both the ‘Fund-raising’ and ‘Friend-raising’ nature of alumni relations.

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