What Is Your Picture of Alumni Engagement?

When it comes to alumni engagement, we often get lost in the detail.  To be more precise, we often get lost in the alumni engagement metrics. There is the big question about what to measure that will capture both the ‘Fund-raising’ and ‘Friend-raising’ nature of alumni relations.

Engaging Alumni In The Wrong Order: What Are The Rules of Engagement?

Most professionals working with alumni for an educational institution understand that you probably need to have in place three things to effectively engage your alumni on-line.

It’s Alumni Engagement, Stupid.

This blog post will relate President Clinton’s famous quote to the current state of Alumni and graduate engagement.  A Senior Alumni Relations Director spelled it out for me as follows: Daniel, there are only two basic rules of fundraising… firstly, make sure you have for every potential donor a working phone number to call.  Secondly, […]

Engaging Alumni: How Much Would You Pay To Be An Alum?

Try asking your alumni relations team the following question. Hypothetically, how much would an average alum be willing to pay to be an alum of your school and how much does an alumni value being part of that school? Quantifying the value of engaging alumni

Building the Foundation for Alumni Engagement

What makes the education industry unique and amazing, is its ability to share best practice with so called ‘competitors’. At the end of the day, we are all on the same side of wanting to improve the quality of and access to education everywhere and to create a foundation for alumni engagement post studies.

How Can We Drive Alumni Engagement Via Digital ‘Water Cooler’ Moments?

This blog will be discussing the notion of digital water cooler moments, how they can drive Alumni Engagement and how we can harness them to our benefit. At the most recent  Global Leaders Summit, I had the privilege of hearing four world-class speakers present break-through ideas and.  Each idea was driven by technology and social media, […]

Do Engaged Alumni Really Give More?

Ever wondered whether there is a correlation between the level of how much a school invests in engaging alumni and donor participation rates?

Can We Predict Alumni Engagement?

At the most recent Global Leaders Summit, I had the privilege of hearing four world-class speakers present break-through ideas on Alumni engagement.  Each idea was driven by technology and social media, and impacted alumni relations, career services, or the advancement world in general.

Watch The Alumni Best Practices Debate

Forget Trump & Clinton, the best debate to watch for any alumni best practices professional was the one held at the Global Leader Summit at UCLA earlier this year.

Alumni Engagement: Who Is Your True Alma Mater?

The words, ‘ Alma Mater ‘, are commonly used to refer to the school that an individual attended. Yet have you ever wondered why the plural version, ‘Almae Matres’, is rarely used?