19 Advancement Predictions for 2019

Chris Marshall makes his 19 Advancement predictions for 2019 – share yours now!

19 Advancement Predictions for 2019 – Part 2

Continuing on from my post last week, I have penned 19 (+1 bonus!) Advancement predictions for this new year. Last week you read 1-9, enjoy the rest.

19 Advancement Predictions for 2019

It’s a new year and we’re all strategically trying to plan our activities according to our respective goals and targets. These are the first 9 of my 19 Advancement predictions – I would love to hear yours!

Do Alumni Associations Really Want To Engage Alumni?

Ask a sample of Alumni Associations to name their key objectives for the year ahead.  I guarantee you that engaging alumni, in one form or another, will likely appear at the top of the list. It seems self-evident that Associations would and should be doing everything in their power to maximize alumni engagement, right? But […]

Insights From McKinsey’s Alumni Relations

I had the privilege of interviewing three weeks ago Sean Brown at the Graduway Global Leaders Summit, held at the Said Business School, Oxford University. During our talk “From the Boardroom to the Classroom” Sean shared a unique perspective based on over 10 years’ experience running leading corporate and academic alumni networks as a Mckinsey […]

Alumni Membership – Is It Time To Make Alumni Pay?

When it comes to students, education institutions seem to understand the principles of charging for a quality service. However when it comes to engaging alumni, they seem to lose their way when it comes to alumni membership.

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