Engaging Alumni Means You Can’t Be Afraid of Your Alumni

Let’s face it, most Alumni Relations Directors are a little afraid of their alumni and they certainly don’t want unhappy alumni. To some extent this is completely understandable. Unhappy alumni can be extremely vocal.

Don’t Waste the Chinese Alumni Opportunity

This blog will be discussing the changes in international alumni relations and the opportunity that the growing number of Chinese alumni represents.  The number of international students continues to grow each year. Yet for most schools, their approach to alumni relations has remained the same. It feels like education institutions do not give sufficient attention […]

Alumni Networking: Why Alumni First Impressions Matter

Imagine you are an alum who logs into their school alumni networking platform for the very first time. Within milliseconds, the alum realizes that it is a dead alumni network. There is no alumni networking going on here.  A ghost-town. Clearly no one has visited the site for a long time and there seems to […]

The Online Network – Returning That Intimacy?

It’s my birthday.  39 years old today, and your online network probably told you that. And who remembered that it’s my birthday?  Well a curious group of people.

The 50 Most Powerful and Best Alumni Networks – Really?

This blog post will discuss my view on the process of alumni ranking and networks. I saw an interesting post last week from my respected colleague Andy Shaindlin that got me thinking. Andy’s blog How Not to Rank Alumni Networks? gave a critique of the ranking of alumni networks provided by The Economist.

The Tech Revolution In Alumni Networks

I had the privilege of speaking three weeks ago on a panel discussion at the ASU-GSV Summit in San Diego discussing the latest trends in student and alumni career services and in particular the alumni technology out there. The panel was entitled, ‘The Tech Revolution In College Career Networks’ and featured alongside me were the following […]

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