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Graduway Champions is an exclusive network of clients with a deep passion for captivating their users through the Graduway platform. These professional leaders have advanced expertise in using Graduway and all the available features to grow and constantly engage their user base.

Our Champions are ready to use their knowledge to advise other institutions who are at the early stages of developing their engagement strategies and provide insight into how Graduway can help them to achieve their goals.  

Why become a Graduway Champion?

  • Join an exclusive network of alumni relations and career services professionals
  • Attend events and private sessions at GLS
  • Gain early access to the latest thought leadership on GraduwayTV
  • Participate in dedicated webinars, special meetings and workshops with thought leaders

What do Graduway Champions do?

  • Speak to institutions considering Graduway
  • Refer new institutions who would benefit from Graduway
  • Join our social media networks and share our relevant social media posts

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