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Keeping your alumni data current

Alumni – From Lost to Found

Whatever size institution, connecting with lost alumni is a struggle every alumni department faces. So how can you reconnect with your most important asset, your alumni?

The first step is having the right data so you can reach them. Find Lost Alumni can help you improve your alumni data so you can reconnect with them in whichever way you choose.

Ensure Effective Outreach

Whether for targeted outreach or for fundraising efforts, being able to reach your alumni where they want to be contacted is essential. But with constant changes in people’s lives such as relocating, getting married or simply changing email address, this is getting harder for schools to do.

With Find Lost Alumni you can be sure your alumni information is up to date, allowing you to minimize your bounce rate and maximize your engagement.

Update Your Data In Days

Updating your alumni data doesn’t need to be a struggle. Within days you can have the latest data on your alumni to simply import into your CRM and Alumni Networking platform. We test new email addresses at the server level and remove bounced emails before your file is returned to make sure your alumni actually get your message.

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