Mentoring Intelligence

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Everything you need to build a world class mentoring program

Build A Mentoring Program That Can Scale

What is preventing your school delivering a world-class mentoring program? The biggest challenge is limited human resources.

The old individualized approach of pairing off mentors with mentees does not scale in an era where we would like all our students to benefit from having a mentor.

‘Mentoring Intelligence’ provides the perfect combination of using technology and big data to build mentor-mentee relationships in the thousands while still providing the soft-touch of the old individualized approach.


Simple to Match, Accelerate & Expand Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring Intelligence is particularly strong in providing the ‘soft-touches’ to large scale mentoring programs.

Our algorithm automatically matches the perfect mentor based upon data such as mentors’ industry, location, position, capacity to mentor and responsiveness.

We provide insights on which mentees have been rejected or are pending a response so you can accelerate the performance of your program.

Expanding your program is simple as we can show imbalances between the supply and demand for specific types of mentors.

Controls, Reports, Benchmarks & Marketing Materials

Mentoring Intelligence is about providing you with everything you need to be successful.

You are in complete control by providing actionable insights on which mentees and mentors are falling outside of your guidelines.

Reports are automatically generated showing your mentoring performance and the source of your repeat mentoring.

Finally, we provide both the benchmarks and marketing materials to ensure that you aim high and are practically able to achieve a world-class program.

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