Digital Career Community

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Scale career guidance and support for your students

Career Guidance Hub:
Fostering meaningful mentoring relationships for successful career outcomes

With the basis of a wide and engaged community, students can forge formal, long term mentoring relationships to better prepare for life after graduation and ensure better career outcomes.

Removing the need for manual pairing, our dynamic algorithm automatically suggests mentor-mentee matches that best suits the needs of both parties.

Full social network integration helps to better maintain contact for the duration of the mentoring relationship.

With the Career Guidance Hub you can scale the impact of your mentoring program by creating hundreds of mentoring relationships that are all managed within the platform.

Interactive Directory:
Providing just-in-time support for students

With a constant stream of pressing student needs, the interactive directory allows Career Centers to transform themselves from one-size-fits-all models, into 24/7 Digital Career Communities.

With your Digital Career Community, students can get just-in-time advice on CV creation, upcoming interviews or general career guidance from an exclusive network of alumni, recruiters, parents, and faculty, empowering Career Centers to help students in real-time, on scale, and ultimately improve career outcomes.

Job and Internship Board

The job and internship board is a dedicated spot on your platform where your students and alumni can grow professionally – either by posting job/internship opportunities for others, or by searching for them. In a world where everyone is always looking for one’s next opportunity, the board is an asset to help support their future endeavors and remain connected and engaged.

The board integrates with custom RSS feeds and leading 3rd party job boards including Handshake & Symplicity, allowing cross posting from one platform to another for a wider and richer offering.

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